a long time re live

Who ever put that stuff on here about  going to that legs topless place at west road , is rong. The gofer never lived at 3303 spring valley.  And that bag lay on hammerly  was the

first.  Hell who cares about trying not to close eyes sat.   And parking 102  I guess.  JUST playing with pancho all day or dominos , checkers.   30 years from now be again interested in the tail. Well gofer did not know some large store at 290 and Tidwell had a lets get naked and beer party last night .  YEA all democrats were invited .  The best one was Hillary Clinton, o yea. JUST looked like a walrus . But yall might to decide to erase whats on here. Gofer knows that’s not fair talking about the pig that got porked many times past. But the meat wagon took the over weight pig away once.



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the kempwood plaza

Its far to late to go there. Those dam street walkers late at night. He’ll don’t pi up street thumpers period. Hofer used to go to theses topless joints, they will rip   u off. Years ago go Hofer went to centerfold almost some thing. There is a far corner at 9540 that shady acres is.

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Dumpster cats his babies

Dumpster cats his babies

Yea that’s his buddy in crime.you guessed it that  fat mexcan fed those disease ridden cats from the dumpster. That office just ignored it. Any way that thing in Corpus trying to text they. O yes tomorrow bring sun glasses go out to the pool. Again those kiddies are using the bath room in it. Some runt up stairs thought lame gofer a cop. Lots of Mexican virgin

Have fallen in a hole under apt 116. There is plants down there that eat virgins. Gofer dell down there once and a female plant just wanted the white juice the pecker makes.

What is Edna in corpus doing now be surprised about a vibrator she uses.

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right now on kempwood

Yea at the bus stop a man is taking off there clothes and showing the world

The pride. El president  Obama hates gun owners. Only the gov can protect very one.

The one and only b Guidry is at the blue lite cemetery . She went in the hole in the fence

And waitin  on Nazis from ww2 . The Nazis want to examine her all over and go in and out

With salamanders.

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jones purple meat eaters

This is for ej colored clown that sole rechrge .Better  not sleep .  Any way that porta pisser

is causing clothes off.    That he she ot there talks like a misftt.  Yea gofer shares undies

with female roaches like from hammerly.  hey dieed of drinking and over weight.

Thats the latest news.

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free speech

Hello  out there.  Well there is a book it says if u put any thing on here it

wont come off.   Yes the Donnie show is going to  be a third party.  That means

just a one political party nearly in power.  Any way theses 2 witches  were pounding

on the door once in the 1980 s.  O go to thees holy houses and tl bars back then..

But this ant in the 1980 s some one or some creature is older.

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Thats right there is a ape monkey there now. Probably eye closed.  Who cares.

When over heat and no close mouth door gate so what.  Lazy ass momkey ape

lease can do some thing.   Who cares about temper tantrums no wonder not

able to be half human . Any way need huge fan size of Alaska, 20 gallons of

ice water, a non brain . Sun glasses for a prehistoric shark.   No this ant at

jones road.  O Its on the dark side of Mars.   Just sneek in teeter cemetoy before

sundown  then tun to the goal post.

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that fool drunk

O yea gofer lofer for got the magic.   Just fix a micky for Edna that try to be leach.

Hell u can do it.  This is adult rated.  So then just put yo hand in her shirt when

the wild turkey bites.  Have yo hand on the tail rub it.   Gofer cant say no more.

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History of Spring Branch 102 ; As gofer sees it

O  blue

Hello out there thats the so called ghost bridge on Patterson Road.  Yall  going to

ask why tell about freak winds there and thumping . Well that thumping ts a wise

tail.  Any way back to whats going to happen .  Ice water, read the book,

sun glasses.  That road has got a path to blue lite cemetory.

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bad ideas from blue light

Hello out there on kempwood .  Thats right there are bad ideas floating around.  How about that lisa club on the Hempstead hwy.  There are   bad things there hooks so called ones. AND other things.  Hey wipper sanppers  dont u want do pull on it when u see the last house on the left ?     Pluto saw this so and so with his pants undone thats right near jones road last week.   O yes an that stinking car smelt like oil or transmission fluid.

Who really cares if there is a sex party near blue lite cemetory.  Well catfish has seen a grill and where some one got stuck out there.    

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